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Daily comment

March 11, 2020

The government has got the coronavirus, seriously.

When unconditional and generalized measures are adopted without criteria, only failure and panic in the face of situations that one is unable to control is demonstrated.
The typical solution that an idiot can offer is to ban everything, even what is impossible to ban. And since he does not know what he is doing, he cannot propose effective solutions that obviously require intelligence.
It is obvious that certain precautions must be taken, but those beyond what is necessary become pure stupidity. Then there are many others that are not taken. One for a minimal example only: why not temporarily impose electronic payment? What can help you to stay a meter away if I then give you an infected banknote. Even if you just washed your hands, in fact, the virus finds a more free and safe way for itself.
China is declaring the end of the epidemic, In Italy we are not yet at the peak. In Italy the number of deaths compared to that of the sick people is higher than elsewhere, so much so that initially a new mutation of the virus had been hypothesized and then declared untrue. Why? Because in other countries they can count on greater distributed intelligence, and the Italians are Italian and not Chinese. Don't blame me, read the O.C.S.E. reports!
And this being said with all due respect to those who work with all the self-sacrifice possible for the care of the sick people, to whom a thank you must go and they should receive a prize from the community. But the most perfect car ends in an accident or does not move without a driver who knows how to drive it.
I repeat, these measures demonstrate the failure of the Italian state, the Italian government that should administer it and the Italians that this government has elected. A consolation for the latter, the opposition is proposing even more idiotic things.

P.S. a new safe therapy against the virus was started in Milan: from the italian news agency ANSA 
https://www.ansa.it/lombardia/notizie/2020/03/11/vescovo-milano-prega-madonnina_f8487f36-0e80-4d9d-aea7- ba5d75c1f870.html

It is sure that from now on the virus will run away and will be gone.
After centuries of total ignorance are there still those who are stupid enough to believe these things? Unfortunately the answer is yes.

Oct. 31  2019

Record Salvini!

Only he in living memory has succeeded to reach so much.
He got to have a vote of no confidencd
to his own government , so the same prime minister made another government and he stayed out.
Great move!

30th 2019
Thanks Carola Rackete!

1) When a law or a decree violates the fundamental principles that must exist in human society, in a word solidarity, then for a human being who wants to have self-esteem, there remains only one choice: disobey * This is called  'objection of consciousness'. That now, after decades of past struggles, the Italian law says to protect.

2) It is said that a person's greatness is judged by the importance of his enemies. Which are Salvini's enemies? A few dozen poors without hope of future in their land, robbed and spoiled of her resources by our fathers and grandparents, powerless in the face of his violence.  Big and dangerous enemies, certainly! We must save Italy from them, making them stay in  or return to the extermination camps of their countries  everyone knows about, except Salvini, of course. And if the Minister of the Interior ignores this why  then he continues to be a minister and does not do a socially useful job, more suited to him, such as making holes with the drill in the water of the Tiber. I know that there would be the danger that then his place could be taken by someone who has the great thieves and corrupters ,  the exploiters of illegal labor and illegal hiring and the like, as real enemies. I know this would reduce the number of his fellow politicians and of other parties,  transferred  to jail by the justice (as wholesale in these actual moments) .
But, excuse my presumption, I am convinced that this could bring some real benefit to Italy and to her image abroad.

* please read 'Civil disobedience' by Henry Thoreau and 'L'obbedienza non è più una virtù'  (Obedience is no longer a virtue) by Don Milani

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