'We are the God's elected people' the Jews were crying while the Jerico Walls were falling down, and the elected people were  killing its inhabitants to obtain the 'Promised Land' in the 'God of the armies'  name 1

'Gott mit uns' 2  the  nazis had written while were filling Gypsy Tcheck  Russian  Polish  handicapped and Hebrew people with gas  and  'making justice' on children old people and women, in many sites of the world, as in Marzabotto .

'On the God's will'  the crusaders were crying while going to kill, abuse and steal 'infidels' because this wasn't a sin as a pope was just telling.

In the God's name the priests  were blessing the Pizzarro's and Cortez's armies financed by 'cattolicissimo'  (most catholic)  King of  Spain, armies that were killing abusing and stealing the 'savages'  of the great Aztec and Inca civilizations.

'God by Our Side' 3 the Americans were wearing  while bombing and roasting the vietnamite people with Napalm and 'Orange Agent', people only guilty to refuse the Americans '  'protection' and to be willing to be free to decide their own future.

'In God We Trust' 4 is written on every dollar. (Is this one their God?)

'In the Allah's name'  suicide attackers blast themselves killing the greatest number of casual passer-by, as many as possible.

Can it be really possible that God is always  with killers, criminals and thieves  and people of this kind?

Can it be really possible that God wants wars among his sons,  because all, really all!, the men , are born from God, as every religion states?

If it is so, that means that God  is  sadic and  schizophrenic.

No, there are the criminals that lie and want make believe us they are right.

We must unmask them.

Stop all the wars!  All!   There are not right wars.

Notes:  1) Among so many sites that God could promise, he had to select a land so poor and desert as Palestine? Wouldn't be more logical a place like Italy, Greece, High Nile or Brazil, at least they were rich and  fertile. He looks like a stingy God.  Moreover  he could select it free from men to be killed. 

        But there is something strange. Jews made the Jericho wall fell down, going around the walls carrying the 'Ark'  with the 10 commandment tables inside, on which there was written "Don't murder". This was true only for Jaws, but not for the other peoples ? God was racist?

We must say that all the religions that urge to hate and to scorn the unbelievers are racist. The only one that doesn't do and never have done is Buddhism, but this one is not concerned about God, he is not really a topic.

_ 2) 'Gott mit uns' transl. 'God is with us''

_ 3) 'God by our side', no translation in english of course

_4)' In God we Trust',  same.