IcomManager   --- New version 2019 --- 4.30 ---

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The program to manage your Icom receiver at the best

All you have not dared to ask before.


Born for the control of the receiver R75, however, it is able to control all the others that follow the standard Ci-V: R10, R72, R9000, R9500, Perseus etc. Even more than one at the same time.

More than 80 different windows,  small windows and mini windows for maximum utility and flexibility

Printable manual in PDF updated to current release

All receiver commands can be executed by the program

Mode of connection to the receiver: direct serial, network server, network client and passive network. Audio on network. All via Wifi, Ethernet, Internet, Bluetooth, etc.

21 preset keys to use fast pre-established combinations of modulation, filter width, AGC, operators, preamps, etc.

Possibility of automatic recordings on hard disk of scheduled transmissions from the list throughout the day

Analysis of signals with FFT in direct, medium or peak mode. Waterfall analysis.

Internal bitrack oscilloscope (Tektronic like) with variable time base and delayed triggering.

Audio manipulations:

Compander to keep the audio level constant independent of fading and modulation percentage. High intensity impulsive noise limitater

IIR filter bank: either as Graphic equalizer (8) or as a bank of 5 independent parameterizable filters (Parametric equalizer)

FFT filters. If you have never tried them before, you do not know what you have lost so far.

Filtering is possible both during acquisition and later during re-reading from disk

Decoding of CW signals. TTY, WEFAX, DTMF, SELCALL and more in progress

Internal database with the possibility of recording the characteristics of a transmission. Fully customizable format. User tables for faster data entry.

External database manager server, attached, for automatic reading of transmission data from the EiBi database.

Scans, in addition to those of the receiver, 1) from an internal database, much more flexible than those from the memories, 2) Spectrum, graphic scan of the frequencies in the interval and with the chosen step. Moving the mouse over the graph, it shows the station currently on air on the represented frequency from the EiBi database.

Possibility of handling the memory banks inside the receivers (1000 memories in 10 banks) reading / writing from the receiver, saving / loading from disk.

Pad for direct access to memory banks.

Frequency setting: incr / decremental from mouse wheel, up / down keys for whole frequency or individual digits, directly by numeric pad, memory banks, from internal database, from EiBi datase, from history, from clipboard.

Automatic synchronization of system time with atomic time server (NIST or others). Clock with UTC and Home or Local time for most cities worldwide (user editable).

Representation of solar radiation on earth in real time.

Calculation of the true direction and distance of world cities.

Stick-up for quick notes

Possibility to set (dock) many windows on the main one or on a second and third page.

Fully customizable graphics.

Command bar stay-on-top to make all the windows to appear with a click  

IWit the Command bar and the Status bar all is at your fingertips

100 buttons and 5 additional sliders completely programmable by the user.

Up to 8 external programs that can be controlled by the program: switches and antenna rotors, consultations tables (eg Klingenfuss) or signal handling programs (eg DRM decoder, etc.).

Storage and subsequent automatic recall of all (or almost all) the parameters in use at the time of switching off.

Use of multiple parameter files for different situations of receivers or receivers.

Below are some screenshots showing various customizations:


basic style


transparent style (what you see below is my desktop)

Recorder -  FFT - Oscilloscopio

The recorder,   the FFT console and the oscilloscope


The decoder                                                                                                               The fax page


A vintage style


A  luxury R9500 version in wood

The program is free and without advertising.

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